Apple MacBook Pro 13” M2

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MacBook Pro M1 Pro

Phenomenal performance for professionals

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M1 Pro chip

The new M1 Pro processor allows professionals to create what previously seemed impossible. It has more cores and more combined memory (up to 10 cores in the CPU and up to 16 in the graphics). Neural Engine system, dedicated media processors for encoding and decoding files with support for H.264, HEVC and ProRes codecs. This chip is designed for ambitious people and large-scale tasks that other specialists simply won't take on.

Scary fast

Up to 10-core CPU Up to 16-core GPU Up to 32GB of unified memory Up to 200GB/s memory bandwidth

Scary fast

10-core CPU Up to 32-core GPU Up to 64GB of unified memory Up to 400GB/s memory bandwidth

Battery life

Time is precious for professionals. Therefore, the MacBook Pro M1 Pro received an increase in autonomy and support for fast charging in order not to waste the most valuable resource. You can compile up to four times more code in Xcode and spend up to twice as long processing images in Lightroom Classic20 before the battery dies.

14” model

Video Playback

Up to 17 Hours

Wireless Web Browsing

Up to 11 Hours

16” model

Video Playback

Up to 21 Hours

Wireless Web Browsing

Up to 14 Hours

Liquid Retina XDR

Get a screen with extreme dynamic range and million-to-one contrast. Both photos and videos in HDR format look great on such a screen. Do not feel limited in creativity, create masterpieces and consider them in the smallest details. ProMotion support allows you to get a smooth picture when scrolling web pages and in computer games.

macOS Monterey

The power of the Apple processor in combination with an advanced operating system opens up all the advantages of the device for professionals. Now you can use one input device to work simultaneously on your Mac and iPad — with Universal Control. Automate complex tasks using Quick Commands. Share images from your screen, watch movies together, and work on projects over FaceTime. And the focus mode will help you concentrate by temporarily turning off unnecessary messages.


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